It seems every day there’s a report of some new — or old — email scam circulating. Because NAP uses email for so much of our communications, we remind you to protect yourself from potentially harmful — and costly — email scams. We all get them and they can take many forms. But if you receive an email asking for money — with or without an attachment — or from a friend stating they are on vacation and in need of help, DON’T OPEN IT.
Security experts advise to never click on any link or attachment if you don’t know what it is, no matter who it ‘s from. You should never make any payment without proper documentation. Reputable companies do not ask you for your password or banking information under any circumstances. If you get an odd email from someone you know, don’t reply — but rather send them a new email asking them if they recently sent you something.  If you receive an odd or suspicious email, just delete it. It’s always best to err on the side of caution.