Minutes Should Not Take Hours


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One of my earliest parliamentary lessons was that minutes should be like a women’s skirt: long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep things interesting! Learn how to take complete minutes and have them approved efficiently and effectively. You will learn what should be included in the minutes (and how to state it!) and what need not be included in the minutes.

Kay Allison Crews, CPP, PRP

Kay Crews is a professional parliamentarian and presiding officer working out of Texas. She is the immediate past president of the American Institute of Parliamentarians, and teaches parliamentary procedure professionally as Instructor for the Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure: Dynamics of Leadership course offered by the University of Wisconsin Independent Learning department. She also teaches classes across the country for many organizations.

Kay was named the 2011 Parliamentarian of the Year by the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians, before becoming president of that organization in 2013. She holds professional credentials – the Certified Professional Parliamentarian from the American Institute of Parliamentarians and the Professional Registered Parliamentarian from the National Association of Parliamentarians. Fewer than 50 people hold that dual credential.

Kay is routinely hired as a parliamentarian, but she also provides services as a professional presiding officer, recording secretary, and teller. Outside of meetings, she provides parliamentary opinions, script-writing and bylaws-writing services.



Motions, Motions, Motions workshop:

Motion Chart filled copy AD

Motion Chart BLANK no notes

Motions Motions Motions handout

This course will go over Privileged, Subsidiary and the Incidental motions. By the time this course is completed you will feel more comfortable filling out the Standard Descriptive Characteristics chart from memory in order to serve your association and clients more efficiently.

Valoree Althoff, PRP, CP is currently serving as New Mexico State Association of Parliamentarians President and National Association of Parliamentarians District 6 Director For the American Institute of Parliamentarians, Valoree serves as a Director to the Board, the Communicator editor and on various committees.