Fellow Practitioners of Democracy of District 6,

I hope all is well with and yours as we enjoy this holiday season.

District Director Valoree Althoff, PRP, asked me to write an article about becoming a Director-at-Large for the National Association of Parliamentarians Board of Directors.

First and foremost, THANK YOU to District 6, the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians and the New Mexico State Association of Parliamentarians for endorsing my candidacy. Secondly, THANK YOU to all of you individually, who supported me over the years with your counsel and advice. Please continue to do so, that I may be the best that I can be as your Director-at-Large, your colleague and your friend.

Serving as a Director is an incredible honor and exciting responsibility. For those who may not know, the elected officers of the National Association of Parliamentarians serve two-year terms and are elected at the NAP Biennial Conventions, which are held in odd-numbered years. They are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Three Directors-at-Large and Two District Directors. (The two district directors are elected from among the eight district directors). These nine officers constitute the Board of Directors. I recommend that all go to the website: https://www.parliamentarians.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/NAP-Bylaws-2019-Final.pdfand read the duties of the Board more fully.

NAP has several committees, both standing and special. I have been appointed by NAP President Darlene Allen, with approval from the Board, to the Personnel Committee, Minutes Approval Committee for Board Meetings, and serve as Board Liaison to the Communications Committee. Most of the meetings are held on-line. Since the beginning of my term in September, I have attended the following: two post-convention Board meetings, post-convention Membership and Registered Examiners Committee meeting, several Board meetings, Communication Committee meeting, Board Personnel Committee, Information Session on the Great Governance Series, Fifth Tuesday Town Hall, 2020 National Training Conference Meeting, and an International Committee Information Session.

I also would like to continue the focus on that which I campaigned: the five R’s of membership: relevance, recruitment, retention, reinstatement, and reinvigoration. I intend to write more fully on the five R’s in the future. Please consider these for your associations and units and share your thoughts.

As always, please contact me at adam.hathaway@nap2.organd let me know how best I may serve you in my new position.

Thank you and be well.

Adam Hathaway
National Association of Parliamentarians