NAP’s eight district directors play a key role in supporting the organization’s 45 associations and 170 units. They actively promote NAP’s mission and growth. In short, they are an important dimension of the organization’s volunteer leadership.

The following members have been installed as district directors for the 2017-2019 term:

District 1: Rosemary Seghatoleslami, PRP (NJ)
District 2: Roger Hanshaw, PRP (WV)
District 3: Todd Crowder, PRP (GA)
District 4: Robert Schuck, RP (WI)
District 5: Larry Martin, PRP (MO)
District 6: Jim Lawson, RP (OK)
District 7: Kevin Connelly, PRP (WA)
District 8: Vivian Vincent, PRP (AZ)

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