NMSAP planned to hold our Annual Meeting in April 2020, but was postponed until June 27, 2020 and held via Zoom. We were privileged to have in virtual attendance NAP President Darlene T. Allen, PRP who gave the NAP Update and presented the course Board Meetings: Size Matters. Additional presentations were: Performing Parliamentary Prowess by Adam Hathaway, PRP, NAP Director-at-Large and NMSAP Parliamentarian; Are Your Standing Rules Sitting Down on the Job? by Steve Balke, NMSAP Vice-president; Minutes Not Hours by Tan Johnson, PRP, NMSAP Secretary; Call of Duty: Fiduciary Duties by NMSAP President and District 6 Director Valoree Althoff, PRP, CP; and Right-Sizing Your Bylaws by Daniel Ivey-Soto, JD, PRP, CP-T. The two units (Albuquerque Parliamentary Unit and Santa Fe Parliamentary Unit) have both been active giving additional educational programming and membership promotion on the local levels. Thank you to Barbara Posler, RP for serving as Convention Coordinator and all of the officers for your service!

NMSAP planned to hold an auction to benefit the Carrie-Mae Blount Scholarship. Due to the virtual platform, that event will be held at Smart Meetings 2021.

Smart Meetings and Annual Meeting 2021 is scheduled for April 10, 2021 to (hopefully) be held in person.

Valoree Althoff, PRP, CP                                                                                                                                             NMSAP President 2015-2021