Flonnie Mae Larimer Parliamentary Unit - TSAPThe Flonnie Mae Larimer Parliamentary (FMLP) Unit is approaching 63 years of being educated in Robert’s Rules of Order. It is the oldest active unit in the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians. The unit was founded January 24, 1957. Flonnie Mae Larimer was a woman of substance and great character as she was one of the seven founding members of the unit and the first president of the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians. She lived to be 96 years old, authoring many books and teaching parliamentary law through her seasoned years.

The original name of the unit was Eta Sigma Phi Unit. In 1979, the name was changed to Flonnie Mae Larimer Unit in recognition of the numerous contributions Mrs. Larimer provided to NAP, the state of Texas and the local unit. However, it is with extreme delight that we now celebrate a subsequent enhancement to the unit name which under its new charter is Flonnie Mae Larimer Parliamentary Unit. This change also aligns with branding and visibility which propelled the unit to introduce its first logo – boasting an outline of the state of Texas, a gavel and sounding block, the yellow rose of Texas, and the Texas state bird – the mockingbird.

For the first time in its existence, the FMLP unit will honor all living unit presidents with a program titled “Pride and Presidents”. The current president, Donna Mitchell, RP, is leading the charge with this year’s unit theme: “Increasing in Membership, Learning in Parliamentary Law, Pride in Our Legacy.” The members of the Flonnie Mae Larimer Parliamentary Unit indeed take pride in their legacy and strive to continue the great efforts of learning, teaching and enhancing their knowledge of parliamentary law throughout Houston and its surrounding areas.

(thanks to Donna Mitchell, RP, President of Flonnie Mae Larimer Parliamentary Unit)