The TSAP Public Relations Committee promoted and facilitated a virtual study group (June 24, 2020 – August 1, 2020) to recruit new TSAP members and educate the interested public on parliamentary law. There were 45 participants in the study group, resulting in 39 new TSAP members primarily from Dallas, Houston, and Shreveport. 27 of the 39 new TSAP members took the NAP Membership Exam on Saturday, August 1, 2020. All 27 passed and are now, also, members of NAP.

The Committee would like to thank the TSAP Officers who engaged with the study group: Tony Gray PRP, Michelyn Washington PRP, Sheryl Womble PRP, and Bennyfer Bridgewater PRP. The study group also had the great fortune of engaging with and receiving words of encouragement directly from Darlene T. Allen PRP, NAP President.

Finally, the Public Relations Committee extends a special thank you to the members of the Sounding Block Unit of Parliamentarians (Dallas, TX) for their collaboration on hosting the study group and monitoring the NAP Membership Exams. Congratulations new members!

Fashika N. Willis-McClelland, PRP                                                                                                  Public Relations Committee Chairman                                                                                            Texas State Association of Parliamentarians                                                                                     214-774-7731 cell