The members of the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians held their first-ever virtual convention on April 29 through May 1, 2021. This year’s convention saw approximately 115 of our members in attendance, with 89 serving as delegates for the business meetings. NAP Vice President Wanda Sims, PRP and District 6 Director Valoree Althoff, PRP, CP-T also attended and presented reports.

An outstanding lineup of great educational workshops was offered. Tim Wynn, PRP, NAP Parliamentarian, presented a plenary workshop titled The Virtual Parliamentarian. Kay Crews, PRP, CPP-T, led a workshop on Exploring RONR 12 – Getting the Most out of Your Tool and Kirk Overbey, PRP, presented Drafting Clear and Logical Bylaws and Rules. Valoree Althoff, PRP, CP-T, gave us Opportunities in a __ Blank __ and Nancy Sylvester, PRP, CPP-T, MA, shared her personal experience in Expert Witness – When Accept, Adopt, and Approve, Don’t Mean the Same Thing!.

In addition to enjoying these fantastic educational workshops, the members took care of business, too. Elections were held for the 2021-2022 officers who will be serving on the board of directors: William C. Friedrich, Jr., PRP, President; Kathy Blair, RP, First Vice President; Lee Woodward, PRP, Second Vice President; Donna Mitchell, RP, Third Vice President; Sandra Burton, Recording Secretary; and Michelyn Washington, PRP, Treasurer. NAP Vice President Sims performed the officer installation ceremony. Other business included the election of the Nominating Committee and the adoption of bylaw amendments.

TSAP is looking forward to a year of Parliamentary Excellence!

William C. Friedrich, Jr., PRP